Popstar Ahri – Riot Art Contest 2014

This is my entry to Polycount’s Riot Art Contest. I had chosen to make Ahri in her Popstar skin but with my own twist.

I had a good time making this model, painting the textures was the most enjoyable part. I need to learn how to paint fur more convincingly though.

Popstar Ahri

Popstar AhriAhri High PolyAhri ConstructionAhri Composition


Persona 3 Diarama – VG Remix

This is my entry for Polycount & Sketchfab’s contest, VG Remix.
It’s a 3-week long contest where artists create lowpoly dioramas of a scenario or setting from one their favourite videogames. I’ve had a few favourite games to choose from, but I couldn’t pass up doing Persona 3.
Both characters are around the ~600 tri range with a single 128×128 diffuse texture.

Persona 3 VG Remix

 Persona 3 – VG Remix (click to view in 3D)

Persona 3 - VG Remix

Persona 3 Technical