Needs More Updating

My blog thingy has been a bit quiet lately, I guess I should post a small update. Been quite busy with Uni lately, so many assignments to do! but I have been working on a small flash animation (which is Persona related XD) and a character for a possible game that I’ll be making with a friend.

Flash Preview

I won’t show the game character just yet, will be shown more “officially” if plans go well, etc.

Also yesterday, Madman had a yard sale at their warehouse since they were moving places. All DVDs and BluRays were $5 each! plus if you bought heaps they would do an even cheaper deal.

What I bought was:

  • FULL xxxHolic Boxset
  • Air Gear Box with Vol. 1
  • Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid Box with Vol. 1, 2 & 3 (I couldn’t find 4 ;__;)
  • K-On Box with Vol. 1 & 2 Blurays
  • Squid Girl
  • Appleseed Ex Machina

I didn’t buy as much as other people did, they had 3 – 4 bags full of goodies. I’ve got to save up for more figures and games.


Slippery Slope (So much buying!)

I was going to post this two months ago, but better late than never…plus it gave me time to buy more stuff to add to this post XD

From top to bottom: Elsie (Nendoroid), Final Fantasy XIII-2 Crystal Edition, Izanagi (Megahouse scale figure), Aegis (Wonderfest figma).

Apparently this is my 25th post, and it’s supposed to be some sort of milestone. Go me I guess ^^