Christmas Holidays/2011 Recap

I have nothing to do, so I might as well fill up my time by writing about some of the things I did over the holidays (November – January).

On the 17th of November, I had finished my last exam. The next day I flew off to Tasmania for a funeral and for the rest of the holidays I stayed there over at my father’s place. (By the way I didn’t fail \o/).  Because I was living in a small town, there’s only so much you could do, so I did Skyrim. I also went boating/fishing now and then, didn’t catch any fish in the 3 lakes I went to but when I went fishing in the harbour I caught 6 Australian salmon.

That’s basically it, just did those things and chilled with old friends, played some basketball, something that I hadn’t done for years. Left Tasmania for Melbourne 8:40am today and got home at 11:30am. When I got back I had a package waiting for me.

(I knew exactly what it was because I was tracking it XD) It was my replacement for my 1st Gen Nano I bought back in 2005. Apple recalled all the old nanos because the Nanos’ batteries had a history of blowing up and catching on fire. So I sent mine in on the 16th of November, and it arrived January 3rd. Apparently Apple ran out of refurbished 1st gens so they gave everyone a silver 6th gen nano. Speaking of packages I’m still waiting for my Persona 4 Calendar which was sent from Japan on the 3rd of December, I hope it’s not lost. *fist shake at Australia Post*

I also got a new laptop.

It’s the MSI GT780DX, it’s quite a beast, I’m looking forward to zbrush sculpting with it in the 100th subdivision XD

I also found these in our old wardrobe in Tasmania. Never got to try them out since I don’t have access to a old TV.

I first listened to this song just before I left for Tasmania and I’ve been playing the song non-stop till now. I usually get sick of songs that I listen to non-stop after a month, but it’s been 2 months and I still love it. This shall be the soundtrack for this holiday, the lyrics are a bit creepy though haha.

That was my holidays. The End.

…I’ve also started a new character but I’ll do a separate post tomorrow.