Brawl Challenge – Hitomi

So I’ve finally finished my entry. I’m pretty burned out so I’ll be taking a rest from modeling for a week or two. I quite liked how she turned out, but there’s a few things I could fix if I had the time. First my ‘hand’ anatomy is a bit poor so that needs to be worked on, and I should of kept the ponytail solid instead of strips…I thought it would of gave it more ‘depth’ but I’m not skilled enough to pull it off yet.

Here’s the rest of the entries of fighter characters from fellow Polycounters. There’s some really good ones so check ’em out, I probably have no chance against most of them but it doesn’t matter. What matters that I’ve improved!!! Looking back at my past work, I can say that my model is really near professional level 🙂

Ok enough talking, here’s the final images! (Click for larger images)

Beauty Shot 1 (Portrait)

Beauty Shot 1

Beauty Shot 2

Spec Shot

Texture Shot